Bionic Buttonhole Needle

...the gentle puncture
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The Bionic Buttonhole Needle combines the well known details of the Bionic Fistula Needle with the advantages of the buttonhole technique. Besides the known advantages of the Bionic Fistula Needles, for example the perfection of the bevel, the unique design of the Bionic hub, the silicone coating, the low flow resistance and the slit-shaped back eye the Bionic Buttonhole Needle offers the perfect balance between a sharp and a blunt needle.

Advantages at a glance

  • Functional design of the needle hub
  • Rotating wings and coloured markers for the exact bevel positioning
  • Colour coded light-weight clamps for safe handling
  • Luer-Lock connector with a rough inner surface

The Bionic Buttonhole Needle which is developed especially for the buttonhole technique is a reasonable alternative particularly for home dialysis patients and patients who do self-puncturing.

For more information please download the PDF brochure with all information via the button on the side.

Application and types

The following models and accessories are available for your individual requirements.

Technical data

Dimensions (Gauge) mm x mm Ø x length Wing colour Tube length
16 G 1,6 x 20 mm Green 30 cm
1,6 x 25 mm 30 cm
15 G 1,8 x 20 mm Yellow 30 cm
1,8 x 25 mm 30 cm
14 G 2,0 x 20 mm Violett 30 cm
2,0 x 25 mm 30 cm

All needles are available arterial, with back eye and red clamp or venous, without backeye and with blue clamp.



Customized sets

Bionic customized sets contain the components for connection to and disconnection from the extracorporeal circuit. With these standardized sets and procedures the required time for the medical team is reduced. The standardized procedures increase the patient’s safety. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr, sed diam nonumy eirmod tempor invidunt ut labore et dolore magna.