BioCath Triple Lumen Catheter

A central-venous temporary catheter for dialysis
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The BioCath Triple Lumen Catheter consists of an each half-round arterial and venous lumen as well as a third lumen located in the middle of the catheter shaft . The specially rounded profile of each lumen allows optimal flow rates of up to 300 ml/min with an outer diameter of only 12.5 F.

Advantages at a glance

  • Perfect blood flow
  • More flexibility due to the third lumen
  • With soft tip
  • Colour coded clamps

The catheter set contains beside the catheter a Seldinger puncture needle, a guide wire with J-tip, a dilator and three injection caps.

For more information please download the PDF brochure with all information via the button on the side.

Application and performance

The BioCath Triple Lumen Catheter can be used for dialysis and acute dialysis. Possible access points for the BioCath MaxFlo catheter are the vena jugularis externa/interna and vena subclavia. The following sizes are suitable for the different applications. Various accessories complete the product range.

Technical Data

Catheter type Ø in French/mm Shaft length in mm
BCTL150 12,5 / 4,2 150
BCTL175 12,5 / 4,2 175
BCTL200 12,5 / 4,2 200


  • Extension lines for dual lumen catheters
  • Dilator
  • Guide wire with straight tip or j-tip
  • Injection cap
  • Seldinger puncture needle